We Understand the need for Adventure

We get it – travel’s a big decision. It’s not every day you fly across the world to wander the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu or enjoy a dreamy Everest sunrise. But for us, it’s been our everyday for the past two decades (yes, we’re old). Let’s just say we know what travellers really want as we have been there: a balance of inclusions and free time, a mix of classic highlights and local secrets you won’t find on Google. And of course, an authentic real life experience.

We’re Personal

As a smaller company we are able to remain customer focused and provide you with a far more personalised service than our larger competitors. We pride ourselves on our personal, approachable service, from your initial enquiry all the way through to the small, but essential details. We also understand the ...

Green Tourism

At the core of every trip and destinations that EverTrek explores is the ethos of responsible travel and tourism. A successful trip is one that leads our clients on an unforgettable journey that which also benefits the communities and areas we visit. Simply put, we endeavour to leave as little ...

Work with Locals

EverTrek is a place that connects travelers directly with local operators based in the destination. This means that the vast majority of your money will go straight to the destination and help build employment and grow the local economy. This way we avoid the expensive overheads that many other travel ...

Innovative Tours

Quality is the backbone of every one of our trips. We are not content with mediocrity and cutting corners is not an option. That means that when we go trekking we trek on the most interesting trails; whilst on the mountains, we seek out the finest route’s; and when on tour we ...

Making the trip reachable

We have spent years travelling in the countries we visit. When speaking to fellow travellers we understand that sometimes people think certain adventures or journeys are out of reach. EverTrek have meticulously researched and experienced what we offer and make that adventure as reachable as we can for you.

Core Values

This is our way of life and we love what we do! EverTrek was created with an undisputed passion for discovery and adventure and the desire to share our knowledge and experiences with others. We can’t think of anything better than helping people get out of their comfort zone, fulfil their ...

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